Wander Kindly


This special print tells an entire story- perfect for a little one's room!


Wander Kindly

To and fro

Wonder where you want to go...

Could be here


could be there

There's magic happening


Wander slowly, wander fast

moments come,

and then they pass

You may feel big

or very small

You're everything,

you'll feel it all!

Wander wander all around,

you can go up,

you can go down

With people young,

and people grown,

and faces that you've never known

New colors, feelings, smells and sounds

things to explore are all around!

The whole world will become your home...

Wander kindly, you will grow

and know the earth,

and know the land,

and you can hold the whole world's hand

To everyone, you'll be a friend...

Yes, wander kindly

til the end!


A3 print (59.4 x 84.1 cm)

On super thick (300 gsm) recycled paper

Signed, titled, and numbered by me <3

Wander Kindly (A3 Print)

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